We present the #RestART project

This video was produced in the framework of the RestART project and introduces the MOOC-ART, the online platform to enhance digital and transversal skills of the professions of the cultural and creative sector (CCS).

The MOOC-Art is ready and is going to be tested in the following weeks. 

Whatch the introductory video and visit the link on the menu if you want to know more!

  • Module 1: Promotion
  • Module 2: Digital Marketing
  • Module 3: Networking
  • Module 4: Storytelling
  • Module 5: Content production
  • Module 6: Video production and editing

This course is a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

The aim is for you to acquire hands-on skills and more precisely boost your digital marketing, communication and technical skills related to content production and video editing.

Through the quizzes, practical exercises and the self-assessment tools included in this course you will have the chance to check your own learning achievements and skills improvement.

To study the whole MOOC it will take approx.40 hours.


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