We present the #RestART project

We present the #RestART project, which KOM took place on 12 April. The consortium is made up of 6 institutions from different countries: CESIE (Italy), INCOMA (Spain), Business College Helsinki (Finland), COFAC (Portugal), IEK EUROTraining – (Greece) and Die Berater (Austria).

In April the first meeting of the RestART partners took place online and detailed the first steps of the project.

Since then, there are many activities already developed: quality plan, promotion plan, social networks have been developed and the website, and the first actions of the first result are being carried out, such as focus groups and surveys to know the opinions of our target.

But what do we want to achieve with all this?
The creative and cultural sector is essential for the well-being of citizens. During the lockdown, only music, cinema and art in general managed to maintain our emotional wellbeing. However, it is one of the sectors that, in times of crisis, is most affected.

Through the activities that are being carried out, we aim to do our best to increase the resilience of this sector and the people who work or wish to work in it.


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