Useful MOOC-Art created to boost your business

Hey everyone! We wanted to show you a bit of what we have been working on. Introducing here the RestART Project, an online framework and MOOC designed to help Creative Cultural Sector actors through digital transformation.

By providing high-quality training, materials, tools and case studies, we want to make sure that the creative sector is well equipped to face the current challenges and thrive in our digital world. We are confident that this project will be hugely beneficial for both VET providers and CCS actors.
Now we are testing the MOOC-Art created by the six partners in Restart project. If you are interested in piloting the MOOC, let us know. Our stakeholders have been interested in what we have created and found the MOOC-Art useful and interesting. There are six modules in the MOOC, consisting of storytelling, networking and digital marketing for example. All very useful topics when you want to boost your business. We designed the MOOC-Art to cultural and creative sector, but you can benefit from it even working in other sectors.
We are happy to tell you more about our MOOC-Art and introduce it in more detail.
So, join us on our journey and become part of the RestART community today!


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